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Some say an image is worth 1000 words and I agree, but would also add that traveling is worth 1000 lives.

It was based on this principle that I started this project, a personal view on the World or at least the part of it I had the pleasure to know, and there is still so much to explore...

After many "false starts", I ended up looking at my tens of thousands pictures and made a selection of the ones I feel more passionate about.

For me photography and traveling go hand in hand and I love the way the camera makes me look at what is around us with a very special attention.

Once in a while I hear a whisper saying "look @ me" and I know I want to capture that moment for ever...

After I managed to take this web site live, I started a new project, moving to iPhone photography and using Apps to boost further the power of the image.

So, currently, there are also a set of new albums specially dedicated  to iPhoneography (photos shot and processed with the iPhone).

I hope you like my images.


Welcome to my images

I was the winner of the 6th edition of the iPPAwards in the Still Life category. Check out more!http://www.ippawards.com